Ski locker type S4/S4H

Open and closed ski depot systems for ski rentals, skiing stations, hotels or ski-lift operators

Thousands of customers around the world know and appreciate these benefits:

  • Multifunctional and energy-efficient.  
  • Flexible use, with a fitting solution for any type of requirement.  
  • Drying overnight.
  • Individually adjustable.
  • Cost-efficient.

Our quality criteria:

  • Drying systems.
  • Cloakroom combinations.
  • Individual locking systems.
  • Online connection.
  • Light and odor solutions.  
  • Modern CAD planning.

We will be glad to advise you, which ski lockers or freely accessible depot systems best fit your individual requirements.

Ski locker type S4/S4h
Types of ski lockers

Steurer Systems offers the highest levels of comfort with the variant that best suits your needs

type S0310-7
Open depot systems

Quickly and easily integrated storage systems