Wet and humid clothing withdraws heat from the body - dry clothes and boots

Humid clothing has the following effects:  

  • The body loses heat, which leads to discomfort and can result in hypothermia.  
  • Cold reduces the employees' efficiency and can lead to absenteeism due to illness.

Humidity in the boots has the following effects:  

  • Circulation is diminished, leading to cold feet.  
  • Humid footwear is an excellent breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.  
  • The different boot materials become brittle and hard, which damages the sensitive skin on the foot.

Dry boots and clothing:

  • Dry shoes and dry clothes ensure wellbeing.  
  • The employees' motivation is increased, and absenteeism due to illness can be reduced.  
  • The blower drying systems offered by Steurer Systems are gentle on the material and increase the durability of the work clothes.

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