Ionization is controlled air conditioning for air sterilization, odor neutralization and the degradation of pollutants

In contrast to air disinfection via ultraviolet light, controlled air conditioning through ionization creates no harmful ozone. In addition, the need for refills or replacements of artificial fragrances is eliminated.

The ionization process enriches stale and contaminated air with an appropriate amount of oxygen. Die ionization systems we use are based on the principle of inactivation (of osmogens and microorganisms) through oxidation with activated oxygen.

Your benefits

  • Germs, bacteria and spores are eliminated effectively.
  • Volatile organic substances (smoke, shoe or sweat odors, ...) are neutralized  
  • Fresh and healthy breathing air is created.

Application ionization

Allow us to advise you on which product with which features best fits your requirements. Ionization is offered optionally for the drying type speed-dry, starting with models for 10 pairs.

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Steurer Systems Ionisation Typ T-11064