Ensure dry clothing and footwear with the drying systems offered by Steurer Systems

Steurer Systems designs are demand-oriented: the modular system is available in may sizes and variants. In addition, you always have the option to further extend your system at a later point in time. There are no limits as to how may elements can be coupled, allowing for any number of boots you require - both for standing and mobile units. For further information, please refer to the drying certificate. Sendzimir galvanized, high quality metal sheet & manufacturing

  • Perfect protection of surfaces from cigarette burns.  
  • Easy to clean, as well as impact and scratch resistant.  
  • The manufacturing standard is flexible and largely automated.  
  • Utmost corrosion protection.

Blowers & thermal protection  

  • By default, all units designed for 10 pairs of boots or more (speed-dry) are equipped with a stronger-than-average blower generating a power of 385 m3 / hour.
  • Double thermal protection in the blower as well as the heating.  
  • Each device can be individually regulated, protecting clothing and footwear.

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